Kakyoin besto waifu!

Kakyoin besto husbando!

Kakyoin besto jobro!

Kakyoin besto donatsu!

Kakyoin besto bishounen!

Kakyoin for laifu!


The first time I encountered Kakyoin was in 2018. At first I didn't really get invested in him until I rewatched Stardust Crusaders and looked more closely into his character..

From his looks to his peculiar personality, Kakyoin is the most charming character I've had the pleasure of appreciating. His mannerisms have something that make me want to get inside my screen and tell him how handsome he is, and how I want to spend the rest of my life with him.. hell, sometimes I cannot differentiate myself from him! that's as schizo as I can get for a character...

I have expressed my love for Kakyoin many times on the internet. I'm sure I've got posted on some weird forums before for being so invested in Kakyoin, but that's ok, this is how I am! I am cringe, but I am free.

I love Kakyoin. No matter what anyone says or thinks, we'll always be together, forever and ever!


Noriaki Kakyoin is a core ally in JoJo's bizzare adventure: stardust crusaders, he is a japanese student who was brainwashed by DIO during an earlier trip to Egypt and is sent to kill Jotaro Kujo, whoever, he fails at this task, and is knocked out and brought to Jotaro's home. Jotaro removes the fleshbud that was controlling Kakyoin and therefore frees him from DIO's influence. Kakyoin then joins Jotaro's gang to save Holly and find redemption.


Even though I love Kakyoin and would be heartbroken to learn that his heart belongs to someone else, I sometimes like to pair him up with other characters.. mostly because I relate to said characters a lot..

And by other characters I mean one character in specific, which is Polnareff!

I think his dynamic with Polnareff is quite endearing, Polnareff being goofy but staying dominant and Kakyoin being the one who has to put up with Polnareff's jokes and misfits, but also playing along from time to time.. It's cute, and I think they're fit for eachother. Although the age-gap might be a problem ...

cyoot.. --->